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We are an innovative aircraft charter broker committed to finding the best solution at the right price for every inquiry.

MICHAEL STIMAC, Managing Director

“Aviation is something I have a genuine love for and have been passionate about my whole life. I learned to fly when I was 19 years old and continue to pursue my personal aviation interest as a private pilot, aircraft owner and lifelong student of general aviation.” 

Michael has a life-long link with aviation and an extensive business background overseeing operations and corporate strategies in diverse geographical areas.  In 2019, Michael launched Attune Aviation, with the vision of establishing a new type of air charter brokerage that leverages technology and business model innovation.

Attune Aviation serves an exclusive member community who benefit from unprecedented access to one-way, empty leg flights through prepaid annual memberships using the combined commercial fleets of trusted air operators.

By providing our members the benefit of safe, luxurious and cost-effective air travel, while simultaneously serving charter operators/private aircraft owners with new cost-recovery opportunities, we are fulfilling our mission to usher in a new era of private jet travel built on community and the sharing economy. 

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